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Messmer's UV Plus for Hardwoods, IPE & Mahogany

messmers hardwood stainMessmer's UV Plus for Hardwood Decks is a quality natural wood finish that shields and beautifies exterior wood decks and other wood surfaces. Messmer's Hardwoods Stain is designed for Ipe, Brazilian, Redwood, Mahogany, Teak, Pau Lupe, Meranti and Massaranduba.

Messmer's UV Plus Hardwoods Deck Stain gives superb protection and beauty to your exotic wood surfaces while sustaining a natural appearance. It changes the color of the wood surface but not its texture. It will not obscure the wood's natural grain. UV Plus for Hardwoods is offered in two beautiful colors - Natural and Red Mahogany. UV Plus for Hardwood Decks is a single coat formula, and does not involve any top coating or pretreatments before being applied. It is designed for wood decks and other exterior wood surfaces.

Suggested Use For...

  • Hardwood and Exotic Decks
  • Any Exterior Hardwood Project

Product Specialties...

  • Trans-Oxide pigments to shield wood from the sun's damaging rays.
  • Special blend of synthetic and natural oils which condition and beautify the wood.
  • Durable and lasting water repellents.
  • High content of 40% solids.
  • Eliminates wood warping, shrinking and cracking.
  • Deep penetrating natural finish.
  • Outstanding color retention.

Stain Articles, How-To Tips, Reviews

Messmers Prepping Instructions for Hardwoods Messmers Prepping Instructions for Hardwoods Specially designed as a quality natural finish for all types of hardwoods, Messmers UV Plus is an excellent choice for IPE, Brazilian, Mahogany, Teak, Pau Lupe, Meranti, and Massaranduba. To get the most from Messmers for Hardwoods Deck Stain it is vital to prep the wood surface before staining. Cleaning and removing dirt, grime, gray fibers, and existing stains from your hardwood surface is the key to a lasting Messmers finish. When the wood is prepped correctly, Messmers Stain for Hardwoods gives superb protection while sustaining the wood’s natural beauty. Read the Full Story
Messmers Hardwood Staining Instructions Messmers Hardwood Staining Instructions and How To Help For excellent protection on hardwoods such as IPE, Brazilian, Redwood, Mahogany, Teak, Pau Lupe, Meranti, and Massaranduba - Messmers UV Plus for Hardwoods is in a class of its own. Messmers Hardwoods gives your exotic wood project a natural appearance with superb protection against moisture and harmful UV rays. Prior to staining any exterior hardwood surface it is imperative to clean and prep the wood to get optimal results. Removing dirt, grime, and grayness will ensure Messmers Hardwood Stain will penetrate the surface and perform as expected. Read the Full Story
Messmers Hardwod Stain Tips and Help Need Help with your Messmers Hardwood Stain? Messmers UV Plus for Hardwoods is a deep penetrating exotic wood stain that enhances and protects exterior exotic woods. Messmer's stains will perform correctly when the wood is properly prepped and applied correctly. Unfortunately not all exotic hardwoods are in the same condition prior to applying the stain. Read the Full Story